Howden Thomassen Compression Systems Representation in Hungary

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Howden Thomassen Compressors B.V. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of reciprocating compressors. HTC designs, manufactures, installs, repairs and services heavy duty API-618 reciprocating compressors, including auxiliary systems. They supply to major refineries, leading oil and gas industries, petrochemical companies and other industrial organisations.

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Howden ČKD Compressors s.r.o.

howden ckd

Howden ČKD Compressors s.r.o. manufactures high quality industrial compressors, medium and high performance electric motors and generators.

Howden Turbowerke GmbH

howden turbowerke

Howden Turbowerke GmbH supplies axial and centrifugal fans to Europe, Russia and the Middle East for a wide range of industrial applications. With a background of over 100 years of fan engineering we have the experience to provide the optimum fan for almost every requirement.

Howden Netherlands

howden netherlands

Howden Netherlands supplies cooling fans for cooling towers, air-cooled steam condensers, and air-cooled heat exchangers used in a wide range of industrial applications.


Prognost Logo

PROGNOST Systems is offering intelligent online condition monitoring systems for rotating machinery including automated machinery diagnostics, safety protection and performance monitoring. Especially developed solutions for reciprocating and centrifugal machinery detect impending failures very early and assign the affected components. Operation-critical damages are avoided and maintenance measures can be performed efficiently.

Compressor Systems Holland B.V.

Compressor Systems Holland B.V.

Compressor Systems Holland B.V. (CSH) CSH focusses on designing, engineering, packaging, testing, start-up,commissioning and servicing of custom-built compressor-, pump- and blower packages. , meeting the highest international standards.

Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd.


The Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd. operates in sphere of industrial safety assurance in different industries and in the sphere of engineering industry products quality control. Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd is the main developer of a principally new non-destructive testing method and inspection instruments based on application of the method of metal magnetic memory (MMM method).

CMMS s.r.o. representation

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The Trans Lex Work Ltd has been officially represented the CMMS s.r.o. at the territory of Hungary since 2011. CMMS offers a complete maintenance solution through Condition monitoring, Inspection, Lubrication, Alignment and their integration into Computerized Maintenance Management System. CMMS provides a range of solutions for multi-channel machinery monitoring, protection, data acquisition and analysis - from portable analysis systems to integrated on-line installations in the field. CMMS has more than 17 years experience in development, production and service of instruments for monitoring, analysis and diagnosis of mechanical behavior of critical machinery.

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Head office

Address: H-1138 Budapest, Váci út 152-156.

Phone: +36 1 266 1725, 235 0214

Fax: +36 1 266 2115


Branch Office

Address: H-3581 Tiszaújváros, TVK Ipartelep Pf. 207

Phone: +36 49 522 186

Fax: +36 49 522 186


Branch Office

Address: H-2442 Százhalombatta, Olajmunkás u. 2. Hrsz.: 2704/24

Phone: +36-1-266-1725

Fax: +36 49 522 186