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The Trans Lex Work Ltd has been officially represented the CMMS s.r.o. at the territory of Hungary since 2011. CMMS offers a complete maintenance solution through Condition monitoring, Inspection, Lubrication, Alignment and their integration into Computerized Maintenance Management System. CMMS provides a range of solutions for multi-channel machinery monitoring, protection, data acquisition and analysis - from portable analysis systems to integrated on-line installations in the field. CMMS has more than 17 years experience in development, production and service of instruments for monitoring, analysis and diagnosis of mechanical behavior of critical machinery.

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Head office

Address: H-1138 Budapest, Váci út 152-156.

Phone: +36 1 266 1725, 235 0214

Fax: +36 1 266 2115


Branch Office

Address: H-3581 Tiszaújváros, TVK Ipartelep Pf. 207

Phone: +36 49 522 186

Fax: +36 49 522 186